A Million, Trillion Reasons Why You Should Take Your Pet for Their Annual Wellness Visit!

As a pet owner, you may argue with yourself on whether or not a wellness visit is really necessary. You may have thoughts such as…

“It is just a vet trying to take my money”

“ I can get my vaccines cheaper at the clinic”

“ My pet is healthy, there is no need for a wellness visit”

“My pet hates the vet, I don’t want to stress them out”

“They will be fine going every few years, every year is just too much”

We can tell you that all of these are not true. Our professionally trained staff strives to keep your pet living a long healthy and happy life. Some people may say that vaccines are cheaper at a clinic, however, there are a few side notes to that. While vaccines may be only a few dollars cheaper at a clinic, you are not dealing with the professional care of your veterinarian. If your pet has a reaction to one of the vaccines at a vaccine clinic, there is nothing they can do to help the situation. Certain vaccines that are given by your primary veterinarian may be good for multiple years. Many times those same vaccines that are administered at a clinic, are only good for one year, making the vaccine cost more expensive.  But down to the real business.

Most importantly, a wellness visit is so much more than just getting your pet's yearly vaccinations. Examining your pet nose to tail provides you and your veterinarian a detailed report of your pet’s health. As owners, we may not recognize problems or illnesses with our pets because they do not always show obvious signs. Just like doctors, veterinarians can help prevent and find problems or illnesses that pet owners may not. This examination is vitally important for pets and their owners! Our staff’s knowledge and care are invaluable to you and your pet!

So what will your wellness visit consist of?

  • We take a complete history of your pet to determine if there are any unusual or new issues that you have been experiencing with your pet.  This information is part of your pet's permanent medical record which can be accessed for future visits.
  • We perform a thorough comprehensive physical examination. This may detect abnormalities that the pet owner may not have been aware of.
  • We explain and show each step of the examination process to the pet owner while performing the exam.
  • We evaluate temperature, pulse, and respiration. We also weigh the pet at check-in to monitor any trends in weight gain or loss.  
  • We recommend annual wellness bloodwork to ensure there are no underlying problems that may not be detected during the comprehensive physical exam.
  • We administer yearly vaccinations based on you and your pet's needs.

So what are you waiting for? Go schedule your wellness visit!