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Our Team

Highly Skilled & Compassionate Care

Our team partners in the quality of life and health of the pet, family, and community by providing a superb experience through respectful and compassionate relationships.

Animal Care Specialists

Our Animal Care Specialists are at the heart of your pets stay with us. They take great pleasure in making sure your pets are comfortable, well attended to, provided with belly rubs, back scratches, and kisses. Their dedication to animal care is top notch. We also rely on them as another pair of hands when needed with our technical staff, or your veterinarian.

Grooming Services

Jen Brown has been a part of the WVMC family for over 20 years. Jens caring nature and easy going approach makes her a master at her task. Her goal is making your pet’s spa day a welcomed and pampered visit. Whether it is just a bath that you wish to request or a lion cut for your celebrity kitty, Jen’s talents are like no other and she looks forward to showering them with love and style.

Certified Veterinary Technician & Technician Assistant Staff

Our certified veterinary technician team has passed the national board exam to become licensed in their field. Some of the many duties they perform daily range from monitoring your pets’ anesthesia and recovery, examining laboratory specimens, triaging emergencies, daily treatments and observing our hospitalized patients, all performed with a ton of TLC.

While partnering with your veterinarian and the certified technician staff, our technician assistants perform an array of duties throughout the day for our clients and your pets. Some duties include assisting your veterinarian in the exam room, performing blood draws, assisting in radiology, reviewing your pets discharge paperwork, filling prescriptions, client education and offering a ton of belly rubs and treats for your pet throughout the day.

Client Service Specialists

Our client service specialist staff pride themselves in the ability to help clients and their pets with continued care and compassion. Some of their duties include recognizing when an emergency situation is presented, answering your questions, relaying messages to your veterinarian, scheduling appointments, client education and much more. Their passion for helping people and the love of pets makes them a valued part of our team.

Dental Care Staff

Every month is dental month at Wright Veterinary Medical Center, and our dental program is one of a kind. Your veterinarian and our dental technicians partner together to ensure your pets professional dental cleaning is a healthy and pain free experience. Our dental technicians are highly trained and educated to maintain your pets overall health from the beginning of your pets dental procedure, to your pets recovery process.

Our team will start by talking you through the admission process upon your arrival, perform full mouth radiographs, and move on to perform your pets professional cleaning and polishing. This team is not only dedicated to your pets dental experience, they are excited to perform a great service that improves your pets overall health.

Maintenance Staff

Our maintenance team pays special attention to the look and feel of our hospital. They take satisfaction in knowing they are a big contributor to our hospital staying clean and odor free.

Providing Experienced & Compassionate Care

  • Our Compassionate Staff Follows Practices Designed to Reduce Fear, Anxiety, & Stress in Our Patients
  • We Strive to Find the Answers as Fast as Possible to Help Your Pet and You Feel Better
  • We Advocate for You & Your Pet to Provide the Best Care Possible
  • AAHA Accredited Veterinary Hospital
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Read Our Pawsitively Raving Reviews

  • “We appreciate the kindness and care given to our dogs by Jen and her staff during grooming. They were very accommodating to our needs as the type of grooming we request changes depending on the season.”

    - Susan
  • “I brought two of my little pets to the veterinary medical center to be euthanized and they were very compassionate and understood how sad it made me to put them to sleep.”

    - Melissa S.
  • “This Vet staff is awesome! Dr. Hull has been extremely patient with our family as we navigate the world of a new kitten. She goes above and beyond to make sure my kitten is safe as well as my worries calmed! Highly recommend this medical center!”

    - Kristen E.