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Pets can’t tell us what’s wrong when they’re not feeling their best. A physical and visual exam can often tell us so much about your pet’s condition.​ If we need a closer look at your pet’s bones, organs, and muscles, our Bethlehem veterinary team will use the complementary diagnostic procedure of radiology or ultrasonography to give a detailed evaluation of your pet's internal issues. As an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accredited animal hospital, Wright Veterinary Medical Center is proud to offer the latest in digital radiology and ultrasound technology. We will be able to get a clearer picture of your pet’s internal systems quickly and safely with digital radiology than we would normally be able to with traditional radiography.

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The Difference Between X-Rays & Ultrasounds

Both radiographs (X-rays), and ultrasounds are forms of imaging. The difference between X-rays and ultrasounds is that X-rays are used to image the solid or dense tissues of your pet’s body, like bones and muscles, while ultrasounds are used to image the soft or delicate tissues of your pet’s body, like organs or developing fetuses.

One way in which both X-rays and ultrasounds are similar, however, is that they are both non-invasive, pain-free procedures. Our Bethlehem veterinary team is Fear Free certified to keep your pet feeling calm and safe during the imaging process.

X-Ray Imaging at Wright Veterinary Medical Center

Digital radiology at Wright Veterinary Medical Center uses a small dose of electromagnetic radiation to take still images of your pet's internal organs. These images can be viewed on a computer monitor and are routinely reviewed by a boarded radiologist via telemedicine. The latest digital X-ray technology allows us to quickly and safely capture highly detailed images.

We use x-rays to:

  • Images of bones and muscles
  • Evaluation of traumatic injuries
  • Identification of foreign objects
  • Location of tumors
  • Evaluation of the heart and chest

If we suspect your pet has a problem with the solid or dense parts of their body, an X-ray will be ordered. However, if we think there is an issue with your pet’s organs or other soft tissues, our Bethlehem veterinary team will order an ultrasound.

Ultrasonography at Wright Veterinary Medical Center

Ultrasounds use high frequency soundwaves, not radiation, to capture moving images of your pet’s internal soft tissues. These moving images are viewed by the veterinarian during the procedure. The benefit of the ultrasound imaging is the ability to see the internal structure, blood flow and function of the organs or tissue in question without the use of radiation.

Some diagnostic uses of ultrasounds:

  • Evaluating organs, organ damage and organ function
  • Location of internal obstructions
  • Location of kidney and bladder masses and stones
  • Identify and monitor pregnancy
  • Identify and localize tumors and tissue changes
  • Evaluate traumatic internal organ damage
  • Evaluate eyes
  • Monitor changes in blood flow
  • Evaluate fluid in the chest and abdomen
  • Obtain guided samples of tissue, tumors and fluids for further laboratory evaluation

Because ultrasounds cannot penetrate solid or dense tissues, our Bethlehem veterinarians might recommend an X-ray if we suspect an issue with your pet’s bones or muscles.

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