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Comprehensive Veterinary Care for Your Pets

Since 1949, Wright Veterinary Medical Center has been providing high quality, comprehensive veterinary care for the pets and the community of Bethlehem and the Lehigh Valley. Our team of veterinarians and staff work hard to ensure that your pet’s visit to the veterinarian is as stress-free as possible. We are an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accredited animal hospital and are proud to be able to serve your pets with comprehensive care.

Whether you’re a new patient or a returning one, our Bethlehem veterinarians will ensure that your pet gets the care and attention they deserve. Wright Veterinary Medical Center is here for you and your pets.

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Wright Veterinary Medical Center proudly offers the following services:

As an AAHA accredited animal hospital, Wright Veterinary Medical Center is proud to use the latest medical technologies and practices to treat your pet. The list above is just a small sample of the services we offer to cats, dogs, birds and exotics. If you’re looking for a treatment for your pet that is not listed above, please give us a call! Our Bethlehem veterinary team will craft a treatment approach that is right for both you and your pet.

Wellness Exams for Healthy Pets

The key to a long, happy, and healthy life for your pet is ongoing wellness and preventative care. By staying on top of your pet’s health, you’re doing your part in helping your pet enjoy a superior quality of life. Wright Veterinary Medical Center offers annual wellness exams for your pets at any age. When you bring your pet in to see our Bethlehem and the Lehigh Valley veterinary team regularly, we’ll be better able to spot changes in your pet’s health, which allows us to intervene early before your pet’s health becomes a bigger problem.

During your wellness visit, our Bethlehem veterinarians will ask you questions about your pet’s health and behavior. We make an effort to tailor our approach to you and your pet based on your unique needs. We know that no two pets are the same and a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. We’ll take the time to get to know you and your pet in order to make recommendations to help your pet thrive.

Dental Care at Wright Veterinary Medical Center

Keep your pet’s smile healthy with dental care at Wright Veterinary Medical Center! Oral health can easily be overlooked when you think about your pet’s healthcare, but our Bethlehem veterinary team will do the hard work for you. Whether your pet needs a simple dental cleaning or a more advanced dental procedure, you can count on us to keep your pet smiling throughout their lives.

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Providing Experienced & Compassionate Care

  • Our Compassionate Staff Follows Practices Designed to Reduce Fear, Anxiety, & Stress in Our Patients
  • We Strive to Find the Answers as Fast as Possible to Help Your Pet and You Feel Better
  • We Advocate for You & Your Pet to Provide the Best Care Possible
  • AAHA Accredited Veterinary Hospital
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  • “We appreciate the kindness and care given to our dogs by Jen and her staff during grooming. They were very accommodating to our needs as the type of grooming we request changes depending on the season.”

    - Susan
  • “I brought two of my little pets to the veterinary medical center to be euthanized and they were very compassionate and understood how sad it made me to put them to sleep.”

    - Melissa S.
  • “This Vet staff is awesome! Dr. Hull has been extremely patient with our family as we navigate the world of a new kitten. She goes above and beyond to make sure my kitten is safe as well as my worries calmed! Highly recommend this medical center!”

    - Kristen E.