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Yearly Wellness & Senior Pet Examinations

Maintaining the client relationship bond through comprehensive physical examinations is vitally important to your pets health and wellbeing. Your veterinarian will partner with you to recommend a preventative wellness plan personally for your pet.

“The staff is very friendly and truly wants to help you. I will being Forrest back.”

Donna from Easton, PA

Medical / Surgical Technology

As an AAHA accredited facility, we strive to have the latest in veterinary diagnostics. We provide patient comfort, care, and security through our fully equipped Aviary, Isolation Room, Intensive Care Unit, four hospital wards, and 2 feline wards. Our staff is trained to assist the veterinarian in recognizing problems quickly and accurately. Here are just some of the services and equipment we utilize for the best possible care for your pet.

“I had my cat in for a dental cleaning. I am very pleased with how everything went and would highly recommend Wright Veterinary Medical Center to anyone who needs medical attention for their pet.”

James from Bethlehem, PA

  • State of the art Surgical Suite and diagnostic facilities with our trained Certified Veterinary Technicians to monitor your pets needs during all procedures.
  • Our well-equipped laboratory enables us to perform testing quickly and accurately, and provides you with timely results for your pet.
  • Complete dental suite including digital radiographs, which is overseen by our Dental Technician.
  • Digital radiography allows images to be ready for immediate review, with capabilities to have images copied or emailed to any referral facility. It also helps us to be more environmentally safe.
  • Surgical microscope for Avian and Exotic procedures.
  • Ultrasonography for additional diagnostic options.
  • For alternative medicine and rehabilitation recommendations, your veterinarian can provide you with additional information

In Hospital Boarding & Grooming

We offer this service for our active clients as our space is limited. We recommend that reservations are made in advance. For the health and safety of your pet, an annual physical examination and vaccinations are required. Please check with our client service specialists for more information.

“My dog was boarded for 2 days and didn’t want to come home. She got a bath and her nails clipped and looks very shiny and pretty.”

Phyllis from Easton, PA

Indoor/Outdoor Boarding Suites

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Once the x-ray is acquired, the image is available immediately for review. The image is also able to be copied to a CD or sent via email to a referral facility. Since the images are stored on the computer, it also helps us to be more environmentally safe. Our radiographs are reviewed by board certified radiologists.

Animal Therapy Center

The Animal Therapy Center staff is dedicated to promoting overall wellness, improving longevity, and enhancing quality of life for your animal companions. You can learn more at www.animaltherapycenter.com