“To Be or Not to Be” (in pain) “That is the Question”

Does your senior 4 legged companion have arthritis pain? When asked, owners will often report they do not think so because their pet is not vocalizing or limping. If your friend IS crying/moaning or limping due to arthritis pain, they are VERY painful. Unlike their human counterparts who do moan/groan and wince, pet show their pain differently.

What are some of the signs of arthritis pain in our older companions?

  1) Slow to sit or lay down. They don’t just plop down easily like they used to!

  2) Circle several times before laying down. Are they thinking, "I can do this, I can do this”?

  3) Hesitating at the bottom of a flight of stairs before heading up. You can just see them psyching themselves for the challenge!

  4) Taking a few seconds before jumping on the bed, couch, or into the car. Sometimes they try to get up but miss the mark. Does the cat no longer go on the cat tree or their favorite high perch?

  5) Struggles or works harder than they should to stand from a laying or sitting position. You can almost see the determination on their face

  6)  Walking slowly after getting up from a long nap or in the am after a long sleep and needing to “warm out of it”.

  7) Your senior cat isn’t grooming as much, especially the back end. Making that “U-turn” is getting to be a challenge!

If you are noticing these signs as your buddy ages they very well may be developing arthritis. There are many different products that can give your pet relief. Have your pet examined and discuss the signs you are seeing with your veterinarian. To be in pain or not? Let’s choose not!!