Keep Pets Safe on Independence Day

With the start of summer fun, we also see the start of the summer toxicities. Here are a few tips to discuss with clients on some of the more common summer problems.

  • Fireworks: Make sure pets around fire pits are kept on a leash. We can see a wide variety of severe signs in pets who ingested ash from spent fireworks.
  • Pool chemicals: Most undiluted pool chemicals are caustic and can cause burns wherever the pet comes into contact with them.
  • Sedatives: Make sure that dosing instructions are clear. Owners will often panic and keep giving the medication (or give their own sedatives) when fireworks start. Make sure owners know what to expect when giving medications for noise phobias (how long it will take to work and how it will likely affect the pet). You can also consider a trial run to see how the pet will respond to the medication and if a dosing change is needed.  Visit for more information about pet safety.