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The following story is from the State Veterinarian, concerning a rabies incident in Lancaster County

Posted on Jan 9, 2014 in Important

Pennsylvania ALMOST made it through 2013 without a single confirmed rabid dog, but in December, a rabid dog was confirmed in Lancaster County.

The dog was a black Lab with six to seven week old puppies. She had been observed fighting with a raccoon and had been examined by the owner after the incident, with no wounds observed. She was not vaccinated against rabies before the incident and she was not vaccinated against rabies after the incident. No veterinary care was involved. Two to three months later the mother dog started staggering then nipping at family members and finally attacked one of the cows, biting it on the muzzle. At that point the dog was euthanized and submitted for rabies testing. Following an investigation by PDA’s Region 6 office of the Bureau of Animal Health, the puppies and cow were quarantined and the owner opted to try the Texas protocol for rabies post exposure vaccination for those animals. Nine people are receiving Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) treatment due to this single rabid dog and a young boy lost his closest companion (the dog). This is a very hard and expensive way to learn the value of pre-exposure rabies vaccinations.  Please keep your pets and your family safe.