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WVMC to Present Donation To Palmer Chief Of Police For Canine Unit

Posted on Nov 29, 2012 in Community Corner

The staff of Wright veterinary recently held collections for animals in need. Proceeds that were collected will go to the Palmer Police Department in order to purchase a door popper. When the temperature goes up (in the case the car temperature exceeds for the canine unit and the police cannot attend to the dog)- emergency case and the other is a device for the police officer to press a button on his body if he is in trouble and needs the canine unit assistance. It will release the door for the dog to come to his aid.

In addition to the monies that were collected at the event, the owners of Wright Veterinary is more than matching the donations in order for this unit to be purchased!

A special check presentation will take place with the Chief of Palmer Police on Thursday, December 6 at 2:00pm at the Wright Veterinary office.  This is just one example of how many things Wright’s has done and continues to do for our animal friends and the community!!

For additional information call Candy Keller at: 610-865-2611.